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Each created hologram is bespoke in nature and tailor-made for each installation.

Real Layered Depth

We are pioneers of the multiplane hologram design which appear incredibly convincing to the eye.

pink Floyd hologram, world exhibition tour


Cinimod can produce high-impact holograms in traditionally harsh environments, like shopfront windows.

ralph lauren shopfront hologram, new york city

live events

We produce reliable and groundbreaking holographic installations for events such as awards ceremonies, theatre, launches and the live music industry.


Cinimod realise bespoke setups and unique framing.


A transfer of technologies from other industries include the combination of cutting edge innovation with carefully selected materials.

hologram artwork produced for artist dominic harris

1508 Ralph Lauren by Cinimod Studio - hi

Content Creation

Cinimod can provide full concept and content creation, from filming to bespoke animation.



Interactive content produced in-house using Disguise D3, VVVV, Unity3d, Unreal, amongst others, brings each creation to life.

A Proven History

Cinimod Studio have a publicly proven reputation for creating innovative hologram installations. The design technology used for the Ralph Lauren Central Park Fashion Show event in 2018 was the first time that Cinimod’s new cutting-edge multiplane technique has been witnessed outside of the design team's research lab. These multiplane holographic projections build upon the “Pepper’s Ghost” principle first used in the 1860s, but in Cinimod’s update to the theatrical effect, technology and specialist films have been deployed and multi-channel AV system and displays utilised.

About Us

The hologram design, production and delivery is conducted by a specialist team within the world renowned Cinimod Studio. Based in London but delivering projects globally, our specialism is in producing new concepts and techniques that achieve the highest level of impact. Driven by wild and untamed creativity, exquisite design and an obstinate necessity to innovate, we transform space and experience through the use and misuse of technology.

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